Here in our beautiful garden, hidden in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire, sheltering beneath the Black Mountains of Wales, we grow old-fashioned, vintage-style blooms of the sort we grew up with, blooms that are a world away from mass-produced flowers with a huge carbon footprint.


We use seasonal flowers and foliage from our cut-flower garden to produce stunning sprays and bouquets for any event, from weddings, anniversaries and presentations to ‘thank-you’, ‘love you’ or simply a lovely arrangement for your own home. As each day and each season produce different blooms so this makes it a unique and personal gift.

We also produce naturally-grown, fragrant, “old fashioned” flowers, herbs and foliage, which we arrange and hand-tie as funeral sheaves, sprays or bouquets for a friend or loved one or as a sympathy tribute in support of the bereaved.